Melissa Street

About Melissa Street

The afterschool program that runs out of Melissa Street accommodates children from Kindergarten to Grade 5 who attend Barkers’ Point Elementary. Located in the Pepper Creek area, this facility is as diverse as it is expansive. Fun and creative centres like a playhouse, a school bus and a cozy reading corner are irresistible to the children and offer endless opportunity for learning and play. Their outdoor play space boasts a playground, hills and a wooded area which encourages great imaginative play. Transportation to our facility from school is provided by the school district.

Summer News

Our Melissa St. location is now closed for the summer. We will re-open on Monday, August 26th for Week 10 of our Summer Program. We will continue our Afterschool program the following week, on September 3rd.

Gwen Buckley, Building Supervisor



Gwen Buckley
Afterschool Teacher
Jordan Foster
Afterschool Teacher
Linda Grant
Afterschool EA