Our Afterschool program is recreational based and child guided. With multiple locations for after school care, our programs are broken down into different groups according to your child’s grade level. This allows staff to keep the programs specific to the child’s cognitive level as well as their interests. Educators plan and implement a monthly program with lots of opportunity for all the children’s input. Wednesday is a half day for all Anglophone schools in Fredericton, allowing for scheduled outings and extracurricular activities such as swimming, skating, dance, yoga, tennis, theatre trips, and guest speakers, just to name a few. PD days, Christmas and March Break as well as snow days, the Preschool Centre provides full day care at no extra cost to parents. Special activities and excursions are planned over Christmas, March Break and PD days. Healthy snacks are provided each day. The Preschool Centre offers transportation to our centres from nine elementary schools in the city.