As a non-profit organization, fees help to cover staff salaries and operational expenses of the Preschool Centre.  Any surplus income is re-invested in the programming and facilities.

All fees must be paid in full by month end.  A late payment charge of 2% per month will be charged on all late payments.  Please contact your Administrator if you require special payment arrangements.  Alternate weekly/biweekly payment arrangements can be made if required.  If payment or arrangements are not made after 30 days parents will be notified that the child must be withdrawn by month end and all outstanding fees will be due immediately.
Payment methods include cash, cheque, pre-authorized debits and debit (credit card payments can be made through a third party called Plastiq).  Receipts are issued on a monthly basis.  Year-end receipts are available upon request for a $25.00 fee.  We encourage you to provide post-dated cheques for the year as to avoid late payment charges.

Fees are subject to change upon approval by the Board of Directors with two (2) months’ notice. 

Current Fee Schedule – Parent Daily Fee

  • Infants Senior – $21.00
  • Infant Junior – $21.00
  • Toddler – $21.00
  • 2s – $18.00
  • 2s/3s – $18.00
  • 3s – $18.00
  • 3s/4s – $18.00
  • 4s – $18.00
  • Morning Preschool – $12.00

Afterschool Monthly Fee

  • Afterschool no Transportation – $360
  • Afterschool with Transportation – $395
  • Afterschool-summer (weekly) – $175
  • Afterschool-summer (Daily Rate) – $35.00
  • A $10.00 fee for Afterschool children attending a full day on the following school closures:  Professional Development/Storm Days, Christmas/March Break and any unforeseen school closures.

How do we compare to other daycares?

The PSC performed a market analysis of similar daycares in the Fredericton and surrounding area to see how we compare. All of the daycares selected are regulated and have infant, preschool and after school programs. The analysis demonstrates the PSC continues to maintain fees that are at or below those of most comparable daycares. When compared to the average fees, the PSC fees are the lowest in all categories. 

Withdrawal Policy

Parents are requested to give one full calendar months’ notice in writing when withdrawing their child.  Without one full month’s notice, parents will be charged a full month’s fees.