Union Street

About Union Street

Our Union Street Centre Morning Program of 3 and 4 year olds is housed on the front side of the building and is shared space with our Jr. School Age program, (Moved from our Main St. Location). Our Teachers and EA's have worked diligently to create a beautiful, inviting, space filled with lots of fun, creative learning opportunities to enhance their Pre-kindergarten readiness skills, and more.

For Our School Age Kids, this Center houses two very large rooms, one for kindergarten and grade 1, and the other grades 2 to 5. The programs offered here are designed by the children with their interests first and foremost. Their list of innovative activities range from high energy, group fun, to imaginative, to educational. A creative outdoor space and a huge football field of space to run makes Union Street a great choice for busy after school care.

Summer News!

We are in the full swing of summer camps now! We wll be closed on Monday, August 5th for New Brunswick Day!

REMINDER - Every day, children need to come with * water bottle
* bag lunch (that does not need to be heated)
* bathing suit
* towel
* sunscreen (no spray, please)
* bookbag to carry all above

Please arrive 30 minutes before departure time!

Below is the schedule for our menus :
July 29th - August 2nd : Week 4
August 5th - 9th : Week 1
August 12th - 16th : Week 2
August 19th - 23rd : Week 3
August 26th - 30th : Week 4

Angie DeGrace, Building Supervisor


Angie DeGrace
Senior Afterschool Teacher
Ronda Hallihan
Junior Afterschool Teacher
Tyler Saunders
Senior Afterschool Teacher
Karrie Sharkey
Junior Afterschool Teacher
Tyler Crouse
Afterschool EA
Christian Dalton
Afterschool EA