“Make It Sow” Seed Fundraiser – March 22nd- April 2nd

Orders will go in on the 14th with delivery expected by the end of April/early May.  50% of  proceeds go directly back into your child’s classroom.

For every 10 master seed package we sell “Make It Sow” will give funds to plant one tree.  For example, if we sell 100 master packages, 10 trees will get planted on behalf of The Preschool Centre.

Thank you  for all your continued support!!

Fundraising at the Preschool Centre

As a non-profit organization the Preschool Centre relies on fundraising monies to help subsidize a number of extras for all the centres. Extras such as upgrades to the playground and playground equipment, classroom materials and toys, fun and educational field trips for the children and many other extra costs that are not built into our fees. We understand the importance of keeping fees affordable and manageable is important to our families in today’s economic times.

Fundraising gives children a sense of empowerment.  Children do not often have the monetary resources available to them to bring about change, but through fundraising, they can acquire the monetary means necessary to begin the process of change.  They see first-hand that they have the ability to make a positive change in their communities. Fundraising teaches many important lessons to kids and why it is important to help others.

Past fundraising events have been cookie dough sales, on-line auctions, family fun days, basket raffles and many others. Parents and staff play a key role in fundraising and a little support goes a long way. For the after school children who are often more involved with some of our fundraising ideas, they see first-hand what fundraising monies can provide.

We are always looking for parent input for fun and new ideas, support with organizing an event, counting funds as well as parents who wish to serve on the fundraising committee. The Preschool Centre attempts to follow a “families first” philosophy when it comes to raising funds. Ideas that support families busy lifestyles. Friday night bashes, which provide parents with a night off while their kids have a fun-filled evening with friends, Christmas sweet trays and even pies for Thanksgiving, that busy moms and dad could purchase for family holidays.

The saying “many hands make light work“ is particularly true when it comes to volunteer fundraising. The Preschool is very appreciative of all effort that parents, staff and community make regardless of how small or large that contribution is.

For more information on fundraising, please feel free to contact the Administration at your child’s centre.